Since 2002 I have aspired to broaden and improve the field of study across various sections of Architectural practice — Urban planning, renovation and redevelopment of industrial buildings. Throughout my practice I have been finding innovative solutions in public terrains, and in residential architecture, creating the most convenient and comfortable spaces for living, learning and healthy development.

From the very beginning of my career, I have mostly focused on three fields of Architectural practice: Urban planning, Architecture (industrial, public and residential), Interior design.

Yuliya Gaiduk Founder, CEO
Yuliya Gaiduk Founder, CEO


(Industrial, public and residential)

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Interior Design

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Urban Planning

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An Architect cannot accomplish his task successfully without scientific research and thorough analysis of the existing area in question as well as upcoming trends. Being Pro-active rather than Reactive is a key factor of the Architectural Practice!

Symbolism plays an important role in Interior Design and Architectural Projects, as it brings «Soul» to a building, and a deeper meaning to a space. You fill the empty Shell with thoughts from which a story can arise!


Architecture is an integral part of Human Life. And the main Task of any Architect is to respect the natural surroundings, existing urban space and historical heritage by positioning of the New building in relation to the existing Urban elements.

The guarantee of respect for the main fundamental principles:

  • Harmony
  • Proportions
  • Scale
  • Quality of Natural Light
  • Stylistic consistency of the architectural elements
  • Symbolism in all forms


Doctor of Science: Architecture
Organized Field: Physical Planning and Construction


  • July 2010 – August 2019
  • August 2008 – June 2010
  • July 2003 – August 2008

State Enterprise “Scientific research and Design Institute of Urban Planning”
Head of Project and City-Planning Department

As a Senior Architect I was an author of Projects of city and regional planning documentation — Planning scheme of the territory of Sumy oblast, Master plans of big industrial cities; Zoning schemes; Detailed plans of territories; Projects of territory development for nature protected areas and urban conservation areas. As a Principal Consultant was managing the team of architects, engineers, economists in a Projects and Rational design development. The main task was to find the most effective ways of territorial development of the cities and other settlements.

  • Exterior Architectural Planning and Interior Design
  • Architectural 3D Modelling
  • CAD Drafting and Calculations
  • Working with Subcontractors and suppliers

Ukrainian State Scientific-Research Institute of Urban Design “Dipromisto”

As a Senior Architect I was an author and took part in Projects of city planning Documentation — Master plans of the big cities; zoning schemes; detailed plans of territories; development projects of nature protected areas and urban conservation areas.

Author of: Project of Territory Planning Scheme of Donetsk oblast, Ukraine, Project of Master Plan of Gorlovka city, Ukraine etc.

Department of Master plan, Donetsk, Ukraine

As a Senior Architect worked with city-planning documentation. Took part in the Project of Master Plan of Donetsk city, Zoning Scheme of Donetsk city.

Worked with Design and Projects of Public Centers, Markets and residential houses. Architectural 3D modelling, AutoCAD drafting and calculations.



I was focused on City Planning since the University. I saw the City and other urban spaces as a Body with its Skeleton (Transport structure), Muscles and Soft Tissues (residential, public or industrial areas). And the Architect — city planner — being a Doctor who needs to find the best reasonable way and Methods to treat diseases and problems, and help the City to grow and to keep it in a healthy condition. Thus, all architectural decisions must be driven by a deep scientific research, statistical analysis and new Methods of renovation while keeping pace with the times.

Redevelopment of Industrial Territories, reconstruction and functional renovation of Industrial Buildings became an underlying and dominant thread through my entire career, started in 2002. It became a passion already as the most common problems for big cities were old industrial areas that became abandoned.
Big industrial buildings (be it a concrete structure or a metal one) have a huge Potential to be used as new Public Spaces or Apartments in Future. And it’s a huge challenge for the Architect to find out the most effective ways and Methods of Reconstruction.
The Reconstruction process — is a continuous dialog between the Architect and the existing Building. And the tone and mood could be changed with every next step! But the result is always exciting!

Industrial Architecture has specific Scale and structure and Now it becomes necessary to give the new Life to the old industrial buildings especially based in a city area. I must highlight that old factories, heavy industry Plants, Warehouses and even Wineries have specific Charm! Firstly, because of the original technological processes, structural materials and Scale!
Scale I think is the most important feature as it pushes us to feel greatness of the Space (as you feel it in Cathedrals).


  • Awarded with Certificate
  • of Merit by Prime Minister of Ukraine
  • 1st place award (diploma of 1st degree)
  • in The XIII Ukrainian Diploma Projects Competition

Philosophy in a Poem

Man Decides

By Anshumali Baruah

Lines on paper, stand out
The lines transform into concrete
Glass and steel find their places
A domain is defined.

* * * * * *

Man walks into this domain
Feelings of acceptance or refusal accompany him
A fate is decided.

* * * * * *

The domain constructed:
Finds its fulfilment in its users
Users and activities act as one
Thus, giving this domain a meeting:
A sense of being built.
But if this purpose falter
The domain degrades
Leaving a void in its place
A pain for the creator
Irreparable to the user

* * * * * *

But would it not be wiser:
To include man as the lines are drawn;
To indulge him in the choices;
And thus, arrive at a successful domain
Creating harmony for all?